Danne Woo

Designer | Programmer | Technologist | Data Enthusiast | Activist | Entrepreneur | Educator


Data visualization design platform

The Black Census

Better understand the needs of the Black community

Vote, Color of Change

Check your contacts to the voter file


Build your own voter information web app

Chart a Day

Designing a chart a day using Datavisual


Multiplayer video game for large screens and large audiences

Dont Support Trump Supporters

Chrome extension that blocks pro-Trump websites

AC Sequencer

Instrument to make music AC powered appliances

Make Tweets Trump Again

Website that notifies you when Trump tweets

Fashion Weather Ready

Web app that combines weather data and apparel to match

Circuit Board

Skateboard that generates usable kinetic energy

RFID Beat Box

RFID tags trigger and compile musical loops

Bocce Draw

Using technology to improve the game of bocce ball

Type Galapagos

Evolutionary algorithm that generates a unique typeface

Time Machine AR App

Augmented reality app that enhances the museum experience