Data Visualization Workshop - The Makery

Danne Woo
twitter: @dannewoo

Data Pipeline







Visualize for Presentation


July 11th - Data Pipeline and Static Visualization

  1. Data Collection - Install OpenPaths on your phone and/or Moment.
  2. Data Sourcing - Search through the Open Data Sets for an interesting topic (make sure to only download a CSV (Comma Seperate Value), TSV (Tab Seperated Value) or Excel file)
  3. Data Scrubbing - Brief explination and demo
  4. Visualize for Insight - Open the data set you downloaded in Excel and quickly visualize it to better understand the data set.
  5. Visualize for Presentation Examples - Chart Types, Data Viz Catalogue, Holmes vs Tufte, Feltron and Pop Chart Labs.
  6. Visualize for Presentation Hands On - Open Adobe Illustrator and lets create a simple poster using your found data.

July 18th - Data Visualization for Web

  1. Visualization for Presentation for the Web - US Gun Deaths Per Year, Spotify Serendipity and Selfiecity.
  2. HTML, CSS and JavaScript - Intro to the Web using Sublime Edit as a programming environment.
  3. Datavisual - Using Datavisual for simple interactive charts and graphs.
  4. APIs - Using APIs to get data from 3rd party companies. We will be using the Open Weather Map API and the Google Maps API.
  5. D3js - Creating more complex visualizations with D3js which is a JavaScript framework designed for data driven graphics.
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Sourcing Data

Scrubbing Data

Data Analysis

Data Visualization for Presentation

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