The AC sequencer console allows the musician to control any AC powered appliance that is plugged into it. The first iteration, Light Hum, controlled the brightness and sequence of 8 light bulbs. Each bulb has a photocell theremin attached to it to convert the light frequency into audio frequency. I used different photocells/phototransistors, resistors and capacitors to generate different tones. The heart of the AC sequencer is a board designed by Mark Kleback and Ezer Lichtenstein. This project is completely analog, no computers were used for the audio or the visuals.

Featured in: Engadget

Concept / Design / Electrical Engineering / Production / Performer / Composer

First performance at Glasslands in Brooklyn, NY making music with light (December 9th, 2012)

An installation that allows you to play AC appliances as an instrument

The AC sequencer control station

The interior wire work

Lights and circuit boards used during first performance at Glasslands. Light sensors detect the amount of light, the brighter the light the higher the pitch.

Glasslands performance